Package 28886 (Released to Emgage Cloud 3/19/2017)

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This article contains the known issues, new features, enhancements, bug fixes and version numbers for all Emgage Products. Please read this article before updating your current version of the Emgage Products.  

Post Update Required Steps


Alerts Migration

IMPORTANT: Please run the Migration Wizard immediately after updating.

If you are upgrading from a previously release, the Migration Wizard will need to be run immediately following this update. To perform this migration, simply navigate to the following URL and click on the Migrate button:



Additional options were added to the Stylizer as part of this release. Following the update, please launch the Stylizer (Settings > Prime Stylizer), confirm the Wrapper Background color in both the Global Nav and Top Nav sections is correct,  and click the Apply Theme button. This will ensure all the latest styles are incorporated into your theme.


New Features/Enhancements


Weather Web Part Enhancements

  • Implemented OpenWeatherMap API to bring back free weather data support.

News Enhancements

  • Performance enhancements to greatly improve load time.


Bug Fixes


  • Various bug fixes and performance enhancements for News web part
  • Various bug fixes and performance enhancements for Tasks web part
  • Various bug fixes for Facebook Feed web part
  • Various bug fixes for Weather web part
  • Various bug fixes for Alerts widget
  • Various bug fixes for Stylizer

 TURBO View 

  • Various bug fixes

Product Installer 

  • Various bug fixes


Version Information 

Package: 38378

Prime On-Premise Build: 1.4.27105.28884

Turbo Builder Build: 1.3.28466.28467

Turbo View Build: 1.1.28830.28960

Installer Build: 1.3.28513.28701

Licensing Build: 1.2.23195.27083

Asset Manager Build: 1.5.27564.27563

Settings Build:  1.1.28686.28885

Search Build:  1.3.27416.27418

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