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This article provides the requirements to host Prime 365 to your own Azure Account. It serves as a reference to better understand the various phases of the Prime 365 product deployment process.

Prerequisites for hosting Prime 365 product in your own Azure

  • Azure Web App service instance where Emgage can create a dedicated web application to Prime 365 web.
  • Azure SQL server instance where we can create two databases.
  • (Optional) - Storage account where you can auto-schedule database and web app backup.

There are three parties required for the Prime 365 Self-Hosting Process.  The parties referenced in this document include:

  • Emgage Onboarding Team - will describe and introduce the Customer Team to the Emgage Products
  • Emgage Support Team - will assist in the deployment of web applications and provisioning of databases
  • Customer Team - your team (members whom have access to your Azure environment)

Step 1 - Self-Hosted Process Meeting to provide Azure access (All Teams Required)

It is critical that Emgage Support Team has all the required access before ending the first kickoff meeting with Customer Team and Emgage Onboarding Team.  The Emgage Support Team will confirm access, create a blank web app and blank databases using SQL server user account, and generate clientId and secret in SharePoint during this meeting.

  1. The Customer Team and both Emgage Teams need to schedule a 1 hour meeting to configure admin access for the account within the Customer Team's Azure environment.  This call generally requires 1 hour and requires appropriate technical Azure personnel to setup access with Customer Team.

    Generally, the Customer Team prefers to have full access to their Azure account and will add the Emgage Support Team account to their Azure Environment Admin Center to reduce the administrative requirements for the applications.

    NOTE: If Customer Team does not approve full access to their Azure account, Azure setup can be completed by granting minimal required access to the Emgage Support Team account  This process requires Customer Team to handle creation of blank Azure web app and blank databases, creation of SQL account that has access to both blank databases and allows firewall to access SQL server from two IPs (,

Step 2 - Provisioning of Azure services and apps for SharePoint (Emgage Support Team)

  • This process requires 1-3 business days and it does not require any action from customer team.
  • Emgage Support team deploys Azure web application and provision databases with appropriate tables and entries.

Step 3 - Deployment of Apps to SharePoint online app catalog (Emgage Onboarding and Customer Teams)

  • The Customer Team and the Onboarding Team will schedule a 1 hour meeting to deploy apps to the Customer Team's SharePoint online app catalog site collection and then deploy it to SharePoint site collection. 
  • During this call, the Emgage Onboarding Team will explain all product features and answer all customer questions related to the product.



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