Users cannot add new items to a list

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This issue, which occurs on sites using a master page with 'AllowFraming' enabled, is a known issue which Microsoft is in the process of resolving.
From Microsoft:

I wanted to let you know that the issue you reported which stated that "Users cannot add new items to a list" is part of a wider issue that we are currently working on.

As we await the official fix, an interim work around is to apply a new master page which does not have "AllowFraming"enabled. The steps below cover how to apply this interim fix:

  1. Download the master page file (Prime-AllowFramingFix.master) attached to this Article.
  2. Click on Settings Gear icon from ribbon. Navigate to  Site Settings > Master pages and page layouts​
  3. Select the Files tab in the ribbon
  4. Select Upload Document and select the "Prime-AllowFramingFix.master" master page file downloaded in step 1 and click OK
  5. In the modal that opens, set Content Type to "Design File" and click save.
  6. Now hover over the name of the master page you just added, click the down arrow that appears and select Publish a Major Version (see image below)
  7. Enter a Comment (if you'd like) and click OK
  8. Select the Approve/Reject in the ribbon (see image below)
  9. Set the Approval Status to Approved and click OK
  10. Click on Settings Gear icon from ribbon. Navigate to Site Settings > Master Page and change the System Master Page to use Prime-AllowFramingFix.master.
  11. You will now be able to add new items to lists.

Note:  User won't be able to use Stylizer after applying "Prime-AllowFramingFix" as system master page. To use Stylizer user needs to set "Prime" as system and site master page.

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