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The Prime demo site template is a SharePoint custom template. It will create a sample publishing sub site containing Emgage Prime Webparts that are activated on the site collection.


Requirements and Activation

Usage of the Prime Demo Site Template requires that the publishing feature has been enabled on your site collection.  The following Prime Page Layouts are available in the Page Layout dropdown on your publishing pages:

  • Prime Inner Page
  • Prime Inner Page - No Left Panel
  • Prime Home Page (2 Column)
  • Prime Home Page (3 Column)

In case these are missing, please refer Prime Page Layouts Missing article to make them available.

To activate the Prime Demo Site Template feature on your site collection (this has most likely already been done, if not follow steps next to * below) navigate to Site settings > Site collection Administration > Top Level Site Settings > Site collection Administration > Site Collection features and choose Activate  to enable the "Emgage | Prime Web Template" feature.

* Site Settings > Page Layouts and Site Templates. In Subsite Templates section configure (2 upper panels). Select Emgage Demo Template (all) in left panel and add to right panel. Click OK to save changes. 




Follow the steps below to create a site using Prime Demo Site Template:

  1. Navigate to Site contents and click "new subsite" under the Subsites section.


  1. Enter a Title and URL name. Leave the Description blank. Select Emgage Demo Template as your template under Emgage tab in the template section. 

  1. Leave the rest of the fields blank and click the Create button.

  2. Now, the Demo site will be created. After a few seconds click on the site logo/icon. It will redirect you to the newly created site.

  3. On this site page you will see Emgage Prime Webparts with sample data as shown in the image below:

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