How responsive is the browser resizing in Prime?

Vahe Voskanian -

 Is the responsive just a browser resizing? Or does the content presentation change based upon viewport? Can the Site Collection Administrator change what web parts are displayed on a phone vs a tablet vs. a desktop monitor? Are these controls on a per page basis? Or per site/site collection?

  1. The browser is responsive to resizing on any device

  2. The content presentation will adjust accordingly to any screen you have it on, whether it’s a desktop, tablet or mobile device.

  3. Lists and libraries will go beyond just response and present a much deeper mobile capabilities in order to optimize mobile-vs-desktop usage.

  4. Prime does not currently have the capability to change what web parts you see on a mobile device to be different from what you see on a Desktop. However, we do have the ability to collapse content and show summary views of certain web parts on mobile devices in order to optimize for device screen size. 
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