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If Prime was deployed to a site collection which did not have the SharePoint Server Publishing features activated prior to deployment, you may find that the following Prime Page Layouts are missing form the Page Layout dropdown on your publishing pages:

  • Prime Inner Page
  • Prime Inner Page - No Left Panel
  • Prime Home Page (2 Column)
  • Prime Home Page (3 Column)

The reason for this is that since the Publishing features were not yet active, the Publishing page content type was not available to be applied to the Prime page layouts. There's a simple fix as follows:

  1. Make sure the Prime page layouts have not been applied to any pages on your site collection. This is most likely the case, since they are not yet available for selection.
  2. Navigate to Site settings > Master page and page layouts. This assumes you've already activated both the SharePoint Server Publishing Infrastructure site collection feature from Site settings > Site collection features and the SharePoint Server Publishing site feature from Site settings > Manage site features.
  3. Delete each of the follow items from the Master Page Gallery:
    • ap-Prime2013-HomePage.aspx
    • ap-Prime2013-HomePage-2.aspx
    • ap-Prime2013-WebPartPage.aspx
    • ap-Prime2013-WebPartPage-NoLeftPanel.aspx
  4. Navigate to Site settings > Site collection features and Deactivate the Emgage | Prime Look and Feel (SharePoint 201X) feature.
  5. Once deactivated, re-Activate the Emgage | Prime Look and Feel (SharePoint 201X) feature. This will re-add the Prime page layout files to the Master Page Gallery, this time with the Publish Page content type added.
  6. That's it! The Prime page layouts will now be available for selection.
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