How to resolve error 202 - Opps! It looks like web application pool identity user is not having database owner permission for XX databases

Hardik Shah -

Note: This article applies to you if you are using Emgage product with Windows Authentication in database connection strings.

In general, you will see this error at the time of installing any Emgage product or on the license page in following conditions:

  1. Your web application pool identity managed account password is expired or changed
    To resolve this, launch sharepoint central administration > security > Configure Managed Accounts > Edit user used for application pool identity for specific web application > check "Change Password Now" check box > "Set account password to new value" and enter new password > Press "OK".

  2. You have changed web application pool identity managed account used by the web application
    To resolve this issue, contact your database administrator and ask him to allow application pool identity user dbo permission against PrimeSettings_SP, AP_LicenseManagement, and TURBOApps databases depending on what all products you have installed. 

  3. You have manually changed database permissions by mistake
    Apply solution mentioned in #2

 Do above solutions work for you? If not, please enter a new support ticket.

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