Adding Own Lists Based On the List Templates

Vahe Voskanian -

When a user creates any new lists based on the Emgage Video Center list templates, it will not create Collection and InternalVideo columns automatically.


Follow these steps to create this columns manually.

Add Columns manually for the list (Videos – Starz Collection Mapping)


1.       Go to Site Action > Site Contents.

2.       Go to “Videos – Starz Collection Mapping” list.

3.       Go to List Settings.

4.       Click on Create column.

5.       Add new column as lookup column and name it as InternalVideo from “Videos – Starz Video List” list.

6.       Also add dependent columns SourceProviderName, SourceID, ShortDescription, CreationDate, PublishedDate and ID.

7.       Add new column as lookup column and name it as Collection column from “Videos – Starz Collections”.

8.       Also add dependent columns SourceID, ShortDescription, Order, and ID.

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