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The Stocks Web Part displays up-to-the-minute share prices for any company of your choice.



Requirements and Activation

Please make sure the following URLs are accessible on your SharePoint WFE and App servers. These are service URLs that power the Stocks web part functionality. If these are not accessible, then the Stocks web part will not work.

To activate the Stocks web part on your site collection (this has most likely already been done) navigate to Site settings > Site collection features and choose to Activate the "Emgage | Stocks Web Part." 


Application of the Stocks Web Part

The Stocks Web Part can be added to a page using the following steps:

  1. Place the page you would like to add the Stocks Web Part to in Edit mode by either selecting Edit from the SharePoint Ribbon, or Edit Page from the Site Settings dropdown.

  2. The page is now in Edit mode. To add the Stocks Web Part to a Web Part zone click on 'Add a Web Part' in the desired zone (pictured below). To add the Stocks Web Part to a content zone, select the Insert tab in the SharePoint Ribbon and click on the 'Web Part' ribbon item.

  3. The SharePoint Ribbon will expand to display two columns titled Categories and Parts. Under Categories, select the Emgage folder and then choose Stocks from the Parts section. Then click the Add button.

    NOTE: If the Emgage category or Stocks Web Part is not available then you need to review the Post Install Configuration article to ensure Prime was installed and configured correctly.

  4. Congratulations! You have successfully added the Emgage Stocks web part! Now it's time to configure the Stocks Web Part.


Configuration and Administration

The Stocks Web Part can be configured using the Web Part menu (accessible by clicking the black downward facing arrow in the top right corner of the web part), and administered using the Admin "gear" icon in the bottom left corner of the Web Part.


    1. Place the page you would like to add the Stocks Web Part to in Edit mode by either selecting Edit from the SharePoint Ribbon, or Edit Page from the Site Settings dropdown list.

    2. Expand the Web Part Menu dropdown menu and select Edit Web Part. Note: The page must be in Edit mode in order for the arrow to be visible.



     3. This will open the Web Part Tool Pane located on the right side of the page. You will be able to configure the Stocks Web part to fit your needs. There are four tabs that are expandable: Appearance, Layout, Advanced, and Stock Ticker Web Part Settings. Our focus will be on the Stock Ticker Web Part Settings. The other three sections contain general SharePoint settings that may be adjusted as desired. Please note, however, that the Height and Width options located in the Appearance tab should be kept at “No. Adjust height/width to fit zone” setting in order to maximize the responsive behavior of the Web Part.


Stock Ticker Web Part Settings:

  • Default Stock Name: This feature displays a specified stock share price in the Stock Web Part for all end users. Enter the Stock of your choice in the Default Stock Name text box.
  • Refresh Interval:  Select the interval at which you'd like for the Stocks Web Part to refresh the share price of the stocks. Note that low numbers will lead to greater network traffic.
  • Link to Yahoo News: Check this box to add a feature where the Stock name, once clicked, redirects you to the Yahoo Finance page of the company stock.    


4. Configure the above options as desired, then click on OK to save changes. 



The Admin 'gear' icon allows users to personalize the Stocks Web Part by adding stock symbol they'd like to track. 

  1. Click on the Admin gear icon located on the bottom right hand side of the web part to display the Stocks web part admin panel.

  2. Click in the 'Enter Stock Symbol' box and Enter the stock symbol for companies of your choice. Click done to apply the stock. Your stock will now be displayed.



Collapsed Mode

This Web Part supports the option of "Collapsed Mode" where you are able to "minimize the web part". Click on the navigation bar of the web part to collapse it. 




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