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The "How Do I" web part allows you to display a list of items in an attractive, mobile friendly way.


Requirements and Activation

To get the most out of the "How Do I" web part, you'll want to make sure the Atera Prime | How Do I List located at the root of your site collection is populated with a few items.

To activate the "How Do I" web part on your site collection (this has most likely already been done) navigate to Site settings > Site collection features and choose to Activate the "Emgage | How-Do-I Web Part."


Adding a "How Do I" item to the List 

In order to display a "How Do I" in the web part, the item must first be added to the How Do I source list. Please follow the instructions below to add an item to the appropriate list. 

  1. Navigate to Site Settings > Site Contents.

  2. Select the Atera Prime | How Do I List by clicking on the list image. (Fun Fact: Atera Prime used to be our name before we changed it to Emgage in mid 2014)

  3. When the list view page loads, click on Add new item.

  4. Fill in any desired fields. 

  5. Now your list will contain the item you just created.


Adding The "How Do I" Web Part

The "How Do I" web part can be added to a page using the following steps:

  1. Place the page you would like to add the "How Do I" web part to in Edit mode by either selecting Edit from the SharePoint Ribbon, or Edit Page from the Site Settings dropdown.

  2. The page is now in Edit mode. To add the "How Do I" web part to a web part zone click on Add a Web Part in the desired zone (pictured below). To add the "How Do I" web part to a content zone, select the Insert tab in the SharePoint Ribbon and click on the Web Part ribbon item.

  3. The SharePoint Ribbon will expand to display two columns titled Categories and Parts. Under Categories, select the Emgage folder and then choose How Do I...? from the Parts section. Then click the Add button.

    NOTE: If the Emgage category or "How Do I" web part is not available then you need to review the Post Install Configuration article to ensure Prime was installed and configured correctly.

  4. Congratulations! You have successfully added the Emgage "How Do I" web part! Now it's time to configure the "How Do I" Web Part.



The "How Do I" Web Part can be configured using the web part menu (accessible by clicking the black downward facing arrow in the top right corner of the web part).


  1. Expand the web part menu and select Edit Web Part.
    Note: The page must be in Edit mode in order for the arrow to be visible.

  2. This will open the web part Tool Pane on the right side of the page. Here you can configure the "How Do I" web part to best meet your needs. There are four tabs which can be expanded and configured: How-Do-I Web Part Settings, Appearance, Layout and Advanced.

    Our focus will be on the How-Do-I Web Part Settings area (the other three sections contain general SharePoint settings you can adjust as desired). Note however that the Height and Width options within the Appearance tab should be kept at the "No. Adjust height/width to fit zone" setting to maximize the responsive behavior of the web part.

    How-Do-I Web Part Settings:

    • How Do I Source:  Select the desired source list for the 'How Do I' web part from this drop down.

      The "How Do I" web part creates a single instance of the "Atera Prime | How Do I List" when activated. This is the list we added an item to in the Adding a 'How Do I' item to the List section above. If desired, you can create a new source list using the "Atera Prime | How Do I List" list template, or connect the web part to an existing custom list (Note: Only lists that contain the fields 'Title' and 'Expires' will be shown).

    • How Do I Items Per Page:  Number of "How Do I" items to show per page. If more items are present, pagination will be enabled.

  3. Configure the above options as desired, then click on OK to save changes. 


Collapse Mode

This web part supports the option of "Collapsed Mode" where you are able to "minimize the web part". Click on the navigation bar of the web part to collapse it. 




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