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The News Web Part allows you to display news and announcements in an attractive, mobile friendly way. With the recent release (20378), new features were added to the News Web Part. For detailed information on the new enhancements, please refer to our News Web Part Enhancements article. 

Requirements and Activation

To get the most out of the News web part, you'll want to make sure the Atera Prime | News Source list located at the root of your site collection is populated with a few items.

To activate the News web part on your site collection (this has most likely already been done) navigate to Site settings > Site collection features and choose to Activate the "Emgage | News Web Part."


Adding The News Web Part

The News web part can be added to a page using the following steps:

  1. Place the page you would like to add the News web part to in Edit mode by either selecting Edit from the SharePoint Ribbon, or Edit Page from the Site Settings dropdown.

  2. The page is now in Edit mode. To add the News web part to a web part zone click on 'Add a Web Part' in the desired zone (pictured below). To add the News web part to a content zone, select the Insert tab in the SharePoint Ribbon and click on the 'Web Part' ribbon item.

  3. The SharePoint Ribbon will expand to display two columns titled Categories and Parts. Under Categories, select the Emgage folder and then choose News/Announcements from the Parts section. Then click the Add button.

    NOTE: If the Emgage category or News web part is not available then you need to review the Post Install Configuration article to ensure Prime was installed and configured correctly.

  4. Congratulations! You have successfully added the Emgage News Web Part!  The News Web Part will display an error message since it has not been configured. Now it's time to configure the News Web Part.


Adding News/Announcements Lists to Display in the Web Part 

1. Navigate to Site Contents on your SharePoint site (Click SharePoint Gear Icon then click on Site Contents).



 2. Locate the two lists: The Atera Prime | News List and the Atera Prime | News Source. Select the Atera Prime | News List. 



 3. Click on the Atera Prime | News List, then Select the Add New Item button.


 4. Fill in the fields accordingly then, Click Save.

Title: Enter the title you would like displayed.
Body: Enter text from the article you have chosen.
Image: Enter the URL of the Image you have chosen.
Link Options: Select whether or not you would like your link to: Link to list item popup, Link to supplied URL, or Does not link (text only)
Link: Enter the link or URL from the article you are pulling from.
Expires: Set an expiration date for the article.


5. Copy the URL of the of the Atera Prime News List from your browser's address bar.

6. Navigate to the Atera Prime | News Source.


7. Once inside the Atera Prime | News Source, Click on Add New Item. 


8. Fill in  the fields accordingly then, select Save. 


Title: Select a title that you would like to display.
NewsType: Select whether or not this will be from a SharePoint list or an RSS Feed. In this case, we are using a SharePoint List (Atera Prime | News List)
URL: Here is where you will be pasting the URL from the Atera Prime | News List that was copied. 
MaxItemsToShow: Select how many items from the Atera Prime | News List that you would like to be displayed.


9. The last step will be to select the news source from the configuration settings of the News Web Part. Click done when selected.


10. News Sources can also be locked in to make it mandatory for users to see. Double click on the check mark to bring up a lock.





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