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The Prime My Links feature allows users to create their own set of bookmark links that follow them around the site and are available for quick access any time.


Requirements and Activation

The My Links feature requires that the Prime master page has been applied before use. For a step-by-step guide on how to setup your site with the Prime master page please review the Site Master Page Setup section in the Post Install Configuration article.

To activate the My Links feature on your site collection (this has most likely already been done) navigate to Site settings > Site collection features and choose to Activate the "Emgage | Prime My Links Feature."


Adding a Link to My Links 

To add a link to My Links simply:

  1. Click on the sign on the far right of the navigation bar and the add Link panel will appear, pre populated with details for the current page. If you'd like to add this page to your My Links, simply Select the Add button and you're done! 

  2.  To access your newly added link, click on My Links in the navigation bar.

  3.  If you'd like to add a custom link, just replace the Title and Link values as desired. You also have the option to open the link in a new browser window when selected. When finished click on Add.


My Links Admin

User not only have the ability to add links to My Links, but also to administer them. Adding, updating, removing, and re-ordering links are a snap from within the My Links Admin. 

  1. First click on the My Links in the navigation bar to expand down your list of links, then click on the Admin gear icon located at the bottom right corner of the My Links link list.

  2. This opens up the My Link admin.

    From here you can:

    Add a Link
    Add a new link by selecting Add New Link and entering the desired title and URL.

    Edit a Link
    Edit an existing link by clicking on the options arrow located to the right of the link heading, and updating the desired value.

    Remove a Link
    Remove a link by clicking on the options arrow located to the right of the link heading, and selecting the Remove option.

    Re-order Links
    To re-order links simply drag-and drop them into the desired order.

  3. When finished, click on Update to save your changes. 








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