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The Twitter Feed web part displays the latest tweets from a user selected set of Twitter accounts. It allows administrators the option to create a predefined list of Twitter accounts a users can select from, or to open up the possibilities and allow users to subscribe to any Twitter account they desire.

Requirements and Activation

Please make sure the following URLs are accessible on your SharePoint WFE and App servers. These are service URLs that power the Twitter Feed web part functionality. If these are not accessible, then the Twitter Feed web part will not work.

To activate the Twitter Feed web part on your site collection (this has most likely already been done) navigate to Site settings > Site collection features and choose to Activate the "Emgage | Twitter Feed Web Part." 

Adding The Twitter Web Part

This Emgage Web Part can be added to a page using the following procedure. Please follow the provided instructions below to add the Twitter Web Part.

 1. Place the page you would like to add the web part to in Edit mode. Note: For SharePoint 2013, the Edit button is on the right hand side of the SharePoint top navigation bar. You may also go to Page > Edit. For SharePoint 2010, navigate to Site Actions > Edit Page.



 2.  The page is now in Edit mode and you will see the option to 'Add a Web Part' in any one of the desired columns. Click on 'Add a Web Part'.



  3. The SharePoint top navigation bar will expand and display two sections called Categories and Parts. Under Categories, select the Emgage folder and then choose the Twitter Web Part under the Parts section. Click the Add button. 

NOTE: If the Emgage category or Twitter Web Part is not available then you need to review the Post Install Configuration article to assure Prime was installed and configured correctly.


 4. Congratulations! You have successfully added an Emgage web part! Now it's time to configure the Twitter Web Part. 


The Twitter Web Part can be configured by clicking on the black downward facing arrow in the top right corner of the web part. This arrow will be displayed after the page is put into Edit Mode. 


1. Click on the drop down arrow and select Edit Web Part. 

 2. This will open a Tool Part for the Twitter Web Part in the right hand side of the page. Here you can customize the Twitter Web Part to satisfy your needs. There are four tabs which can be expanded and configured: Appearance, Layout, Advanced, and Twitter Feed Web Part Settings.  

Our focus will be on the Twitter Web Part Settings. The other three sections are default SharePoint settings that you may adjust as you see fit.



Twitter Feed Web Part Settings:

Default Twitter Username: This is the default twitter account in which the tweets are pulled from.

Number of Feeds to show: This is the total number of tweets you would like the Web Part to show.

Subscription Type: You can decide whether or not you want open subscriptions or controllers.
 - Open Subscriptions: Users can freely view tweets from any account by subscribing to those
 - Closed Subscriptions:

1) All Twitter Accounts specified in the Twitter Subscription list are listed by selecting this option. Also Users can simply check, un-check, lock and un-lock twitter accounts to subscribe and unsubscribe.
Full Control users can check, lock and un-check accounts. If a page is locked by a full control user, only a full control user can unlock that account. Other users cannot unsubscribe from that account.

2) Users can click 'Done' to update the subscriptions, or click 'Cancel' to cancel any changes.

Refresh Interval: Select how frequently you would like the Web Part to update the latest tweets.

Consumer Key: This is the Consumer Key of your Twitter Application. For more information, refer to this article.

Your Consumer Secret: This is the Consumer Secret of your Twitter Application. For more
information, refer to this article.

After adding above details, first click on 'Apply' and then click on 'OK'.

Manage Subscriptions

Default Twitter ids tweets will be displayed as below.

In Order to add more Twitter Ids, click on the gear icon on the bottom right part and you will get a screen as displayed below. After adding the Twitter Ids click on 'Done' to save changes or click on 'Cancel' to remove the changes made on screen.

Collapse Mode

This Web Part supports the option of "Collapse Mode" where you are able to "minimize the Web Part". Click on the navigation bar of the web part to collapse it.

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