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​Who can configure news​​?

​User who have permission can configure News for all site collection users.

How can I add a News App Part?

  1. ​Login with valid credentials

  2. Click Edit Page button

  3. Click on Add an App Part

  4. Select the News app from the Apps Category

  5. Click the Add Button
  • After adding app, an error message displays on the page stating The 'News Source' is not configured. Contact your administrator for help.
  • The News app can be configured by selecting the Gear icon located in the News App

How to create News List where news list items are stored. 

Step 1: Click the SharePoint Gear and select Add an App


Step 2: Here you can select any list or library to create.  Type "News" in the Find an App search box to quickly find and select the Emgage | Prime News List.  Next, provide a name for the News List.



Configuration field of Setting gear.


News Source: This is the list where the news items are pulled from. These lists are created using the 'Emgage | Prime News List' list template.
Items Per Page: Let's you limit the items per page.
Interval: The time in which the news rotates. This is in seconds.
Style: The style applied to the News App.
  • Stacked: Default Style, images are displayed above stack of Titles and Text previews
  • Image on Left: Image appears to the left of Title and Text preview
  • Image on Top: Image appears above its Title and Text preview
  • Text Overlay: Title and Text preview appear in front of Image
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