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Who can configure perks?

Users who have "Manage Web" permission can configure perks app part. Generally, site collection owner's group or Site collection member's group members have "Manage Web" permission for site collection. 

How can I add perks App part on a page?

It's easy to configure just follow following steps:

  1. Click on page from the top of the tab.
  2. Click on Edit page link from the ribbon.
  3. Click on Add App part Button.
  4. Select Perks App Part.
  5. Click on Done button.
  6. Click on Save from ribbon to add Perks app part without any error. It should be made available to the page.​

How to configure Perks App part for site?

To add a perks app part on a page follow the steps provided as above.

  1. Click on the gear icon available at the bottom of the page.
  2. It will open up the configuration page with following fields:
    • Perks Source
    • Items Per Page

Perks Source: This is the list where the Perks items are pulled from. You can create these lists using the 'Emgage | Perks List' list template.

Items Per Page: The number of items to show per page.

Can I configure Perks App part for site and sub sites in site collection separately?

Yes, as of build 1.2.1 Perks are possible to add at root level site and Sub sites.


Which borwsers are supported?​

IE9+, Firefox, Chrome and safari browsers are supported for the perks app part and mobile browsers.​




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