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This article shows how to configure ​​megamenu in prime 365.​


​Who can configure megamenus?

​Users who are member of "Prime Navigation Administrators" group and have "Manage Web" permissions can configure megamenus for all site collection users. Generally, site collection owner's group members have "Manage Web" permission for site collection.

How can I configure megamenu?

Megamenu configutation involves following steps:

Step 1: Access the Configuration Page

​Only Full Control users can see the gear icon to access the Configuration Page.

Step 2a: Manage Menus on Root Site

This is the Megamenu Configuration on the root site.  A root site is at the root of a site collection.

  • Select Megamenu: The selected menu would be displayed on the current site.
  • Reset all subsides to inherit the selected Megamenu: Checking this would set the selected menu as the default for all the sub sites under the current site. 
  • Menus Manager: Here you will see all the menus you have created.  Hovering on a menu will show options to edit or delete the menu.
  • ​Create New Menu: Clicking this will open the Menu Builder that will allow you to create a new Megamenu.

​Step 2b: Manage Menus on a Sub-Site

​The highlighted section ​in the above picture gives you an option to inherit the megamenu of the parent site.


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