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This article shows how to configure stocks.


The Stocks App Part allows user to track stock prices of companies.

Subscribe for Stock Intrinio API

1. Open "" URL in browser

2. Click on "GET MY API KEYS" button


3. This will show you plan information at the top and sign up form in the bottom

4. Fill up the form and phone verification.


5. You will get the welcome email to activate your account

6. Click on "Activate Intrinio" link

7. Enter First Name, Last Name and Password

8. Checked "I agree to the Terms of Service" checkbox then click on "Continue" button

9. Now You can access the Intrinio site

10. Click on "My Account"

11. Scroll down and find the Access Keys section

12. Click on “Click here to show” link of username and password

13. Now you can use the API User Name and Password to access the Stock in Prime site.

​Who can configure stocks?

User who has permission on site can configure stocks app part.

How can I configure a stocks app part?

You can configure the refresh interval, user name and password.

1. Click on admin gear icon

2. Select interval value from Refresh Rate dropdown

3. Enter User Name and Password

3. Click on Done button

You can also configure the stock symbols.

1. Click on setting gear icon

2. Now you can see the four textboxes

3. You would add the symbols of the companies which you want to track stock prices

4. Click on Done button to save changes


Can I configure Stocks for site and sub sites in site collection separately?​​

Yes, as of build 1.2.1 Stocks are possible to add at root level site (Root Web) and Sub sites. it will work as per that particular level of site.

What if my stocks web part says "API daily limit exceeded"?​​

  • Open your browser and enter this url:
  • Browser will ask you for username and password. Enter user name and password that you have in Intrinio access keys section.
  • If you have entered this details correctly, browser will show you daily limit and other details about your api subscription. 
  • Now you can connect to Intrinio chat support and provide the url and brwoser result after entering username and password to know why your API is not returning results.
  • They are very responsive and generally provide you enough details to either resolve the problem or guide you about how their plans and daily limit works.

NOTE: Please note that Intrinio provides only 30 day free trial with daily limits of 1000 calls. If you are planning to use Emgage stocks web part, you must plan purchasing the API as per your requirements.

NOTE: If you have any existing Stock App Part configured and you are performing an upgrade then make sure you save the stock symbols once in the user settings screen to see latest stock data.

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