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This article shows how to configure ​​Twitter Feed Account and view Tweets​​.

​Who can configure Twitter Feed Account?​

User who are member of "Prime Twitter Administrators" and​ having "Manage Web" permission can configure Twitter Feeds​ for all site collection users. Generally, site collection owner's group members have "Manage Web" permission for site collection. 

How can I add Twitter Feed Account​?​​


​For adding Twitter Feed Account user should have own 'Consumer Key' and 'Consumer Secret'​

After Adding Twitter Feed App Part​ User can see message that 'This App Part has not been configured​​.Please contact your Administrator to get started'

User can click on Admin Gear and select Subscription Type for e.g.'Open'.

There are two types of Subscriptions:

  • Open: By using this type of subscription,Users can freely views tweets from any account by subscribing/adding to those accounts. 
  • Controlled: For this type Admin has to specify the 'Atera Prime | Twitter List'. In this list, Admin can specify the accounts that users can subscribe to.

After that click on Settings Gear,under this user can add any publicly open Twitter account.

After this user can see tweets​ of account which was added.

​​How to ​​add new Twitter list for Twitter Feed App Part for 'Controlled' subscription type?

​​​​​​By uploading and Activating '.wsp file of ListTemplates'  from Site Settings​>Solutions>Upload Solutions,you can get list as a feature for your site.

​​After that you can see 'Emgage|Prime Twitter List​'under Settings>Site Contents>​​List,Library and Other Apps​.

Click on 'Add an app' and ​​select 'Emgage|Prime Twitter List​'​ and Create list.

You can see added list for 'Controlled' subscription type under Settings

How the order of tweets maintained when multiple accounts configured?

​The most recent tweets of all the added accounts are dispalyed based on 'Number of Feeds' option ​​​​​

​​What is the maximum limit of the tweet?

​As limitation of Twitter online ​social networking service,Only 140 Charact​ers per Tweets can be displayed ​

​​What are the rate limitations on each application?

Twitter Feed App Part can make 300 requests every 15 minutes. The Twitter App Part makes a request for each subscription per user per App Part. To make sure you do not reach the limit, it is recomended that you keep the Refresh Interval at a higher interval in Admin Settings

​Can I configure Twitter Feed for site and sub sites in site collection separately?​​

​Yes you can configure Twitter Feed for site and sub sites in site collection separately.

Which Browsers are supported?

IE9+,Chrome and Firefox browsers are supported for the Twitter Feed App Part.

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