News Web Part Enhancements

Vahe Voskanian -

Several enhancements have been made to the News/Announcement Web Part. You will find the added features and enhancements in this article: New display options, new cycle preferences and overall greater control on what is displayed.



Added Three New Display Styles 

Image on left, Image on top, and Text overlay have been added to the Display Style options in the News Web Part Tool Pane in addition to the Stacked display style option to give this Web Part more functionality. 


Updated Cycle Preferences 

The Emgage News Web Part now has two Cycle Preferences to choose from: Cycle All Items and Cycle Page Items

  • Cycle All Items: The News Web Part will cycle all the pages that are created and start from the first page once finished. 
  • Cycle Page Items: The News Web Part will cycle through the items listed in one specific page and not any other.


Increased Flexibility in Displaying Options 

Now, the Emgage News Web Part offers options that allow you to control how you would like the Web Part to be displayed on your site. show. Show Image, Show Title, and Show Body.

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