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The Global Navigation Bar is an added Navigation Tool to help users rapidly move across their SharePoint sites and the web. All of our menus/bars, including this one, use the same structure. In addition to this article, please visit our Prime Mega Menu for an instructional video on how to create/manage menus in Prime.


Requirements and Activation

The Alerts widget requires that the Prime master page has been applied before use. For a step-by-step guide on how to setup your site with the Prime master page please review the Site Master Page Setup section in the Post Install Configuration article.

To activate the Alerts widget feature on your site collection (this has most likely already been done) navigate to (new breadcrumb needed >) Site Settings > Site Collection Features and choose to Activate the "Emgage | Prime Alerts Widget." 


Creating the Global Navigation Bar

Clicking the Edit Global Navigation gear icon allows select user to create new, or update existing Global Navigation menus. Only users who are part of the *"Prime Global Navigation Administrators" group will see the Edit Global Navigation gear icon and be able to manage Global Navigation menus. 

*Note: In order to use the global navigation feature, the user must add themselves into the "Prime Global Navigation Administrators" group (needs steps!) 



(NEEDS DOCUMENTATION STEPS FOR GLOBAL NAVIGATION BAR - previous instructions reflected Prime footer.)


(TEXT BELOW WAS here from previous documentation, may of may not be current)

This enhancement will allow customer to have both global navigation and local navigation. 

Global Navigation will be managed by a different set of permissions ("Prime Global Navigation Administrators") and will appear on all sites and site collections in the web app. 
Local Navigation will be the same as it is now and will allow members of the "Prime Navigation Administrators"  to create megamenus and footers as they do now.
Both Global Nav and Local Nav will be placed on the same master page but on different locations. See example of screenshot.
Global and Local Navigations will have different gear menus and will be managed by different permissions. 
Stylizer will have different styling sections in Prime Stylizer to allow the Prime Stylizer Administrator to style each nav differently.
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