Package 20378 (Released 3/1/2016)

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This article contains the known issues, new features, enhancements, bug fixes and version numbers for all Emgage Products. Please read this article before committing to update your current version of the Emgage Products.  

Known Issues


Existing News Web Part Settings Will Be Lost 

IMPORTANT: Perform the process discussed below BEFORE updating the Emgage Products from a previous release to this version (20378).

In the case of an update from a previous release, the user needs to make note of the current News Web Part configuration settings PRIOR to updating the products. We have created a Powershell script that identifies the pages using the News Web Part. From there, you can make note of the settings then re-apply them after the update. For detailed instructions on this process, please refer to our News Web Part Reconfiguration article. 

TURBO Builder

All Unpublished Apps Need To Be Published

IMPORTANT: Perform the process discussed below BEFORE updating the Emgage Products from a previous release to this version (20378).

If an app created by the TURBO App Builder is not published prior to the update, it will not be accessible. Please publish ALL apps that were built using TURBO App Builder before updating.

Added Fields
This release will display extra fields in the content source Web Part for TURBO.

Special Characters Used in Form Title
If any of your apps are using special characters in the title, clients must update the form name in all Web Parts using that same title.

Special Characters in Lookup Fields 
Special characters do not display properly in lookup fields and choice fields.

Security Role Names
All security role names with special characters other than the ones supported by SharePoint will not be supported in this release and future releases. If security roles with special characters were created prior to the upgrade, they need to be deleted and recreated.


New Features/Enhancements


News Web Part Enhancement 
New display options, more cycle interval options, new cycle preferences, and more control over what it displayed. Please refer to the News Web Part Enhancements article for more information on the new enhancements.

Stock Web Part Enhancement  
The stock symbols are now linked to the Yahoo! Finance website where detailed information of the stock is displayed. Also, users will have the ability to add default stocks in the tool pane. Please refer to the Stocks Web Part article for information on configuration. 

New Global Navigation Bar Feature
An additional navigation bar has been added above the Prime Megamenu Bar for added functionality. Further information, like configuration and settings, can be found in the Global Navigation Bar article. 

TURBO Builder

Granular Security Groups/Roles
In previous versions, the user had to be a Site Collection administrator to create an app using TURBO Builder. This caused security issues for administrators that did not want users to have Site Collection admin rights. We have now added three additional security groups where users can be assigned to; TURBO Builder Admin, TURBO <app name> Owner, and TURBO App Creator. Please refer to our TURBO Builder Security Roles article to learn more about these added groups. 

Utilize a Database Table as a Lookup
This feature allows users to change a standard text field into a lookup field that references information from a Database Content Source Table. Please refer to our How to Utilize a Database Table as a Lookup article for more details.

Current User Dynamic Support 
We have enhanced the CurrentUser object to allow the user to seamlessly populate properties of the current logged in user into various fields or business rules. These properties could come from User Profile Properties, Active Directory or even LDAP. Please refer to the Current User Dynamic Support Enhancement  article for more details.

Pagination Support for Content Source Listings
We have enhanced Content Source Listing Web Part with paging navigation support. Please refer to the Content Source Listings Pagination Enhancement for more details.


Increased Fluidity and Responsiveness  
Now TURBO View offers effortless responsiveness while seamlessly creating custom views.


Bug Fixes


HTML Section Editor
Resolved an issue which prohibited the HTML Section Editor from displaying in the Menu Builder for the Header, Footer, and Global Navigation. 

JavaScript Error
Updated the Tasks Web Part to eliminate the JavaScript error that is displayed when trying to access the Tasks Web Part.

TURBO Builder

Internet Explorer 8
An issue with Internet Explorer 8 where, while loading the Turbo App Builder, an error message is displayed in the browser. 


Substantial Increase in Memory Usage
Improved effect on CPU performance which caused a spike in memory usage and altered performance of SharePoint. 

Additional bug fixes and stability improvements. 


Version Information 

Package #: 20378

Prime On-Premise Build: 1.2.13477.20507

Turbo Builder Build: 1.3.3290.19798

Turbo View Build: 1.1.22012.22013

Installer Build: 1.1.9868.13115

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