Prime 365 Client Dependencies

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A successful install and configuration of Emgage’s Prime 365 SharePoint apps requires some initial set up. Please follow the instructions below and provide Emgage Support with the requested information to ensure and smooth and successful product install.

Time requirement: 15 minutes

Pre-Build Dependencies (required)

The following steps must be completed before we can build and prepare your Prime apps. They ensure the App parts can properly connect to your SharePoint Online environment.

SharePoint Online Tenancy URL

This is simply the URL to your SharePoint Online site. For example:

Go ahead and create an email to and paste in your Tenancy URL. Keep this email open, as you'll be adding a bit more to it in the next section before sending.

App Registration

To register a new App please follow the steps below:

  1. Log in using an Office 365 user who is a member of the Global administrator role. Please refer to Microsofts support article on how to Assign admin roles in Office 365 for business for assistance. Note: If you are using Single Sign-on and you sign in using an ADFS user who is a member of the Global administrator role, the tokens created below will not properly validate. Please be sure to sign in using an Office 365 user.

  2. Navigate to (replace "" with your SharePoint Online Tenancy URL from the above step). You'll arrive at a screen that looks as follows:

  3. Click the Generate buttons next to the Client Id and Client Secret text boxes to auto generate the required values.

  4. In the Title text box, enter the value Emgage Prime (or some other value that will help you to identify the Prime 365 apps that will be installed).

  5. In the App Domain text box, enter the value if Emgage is hosting; otherwise enter your self hosted Azure domain address. Double check to make sure that this value is entered correctly.

  6. In the Redirect URI text box, enter if Emgage is hosting; otherwise enter your self hosted Azure domain address prefixed with https://. Again, double check to make sure that this value is entered correctly.

  7. Click the Create button. You'll then be redirected to a page which summarizes your App Registration details. Keep this page open.

  8. Copy the App Registration summary details, making sure to include both the Client Id and Client Secret in their entirety and paste them in a file you plan to keep and will be able to reference at a later date and for the next step.

  9. Generate a 3 year client secret by following the Prerequisites for Updating a Client Secret, the Check that user is a Member of the "Company Administrator" Role, and the Generating a new Client Secret that is valid for 3 years in the Updating an expiring Client Secret article.

  10. After the 3 year secret is created, paste the details from Step 7 and replace the original Client Secret with the 3 year secret from Step 8 in the email to you'd created earlier so that we can properly configure your installation package. You can send this email once this step is complete. Note that after closing the browser window, you will no longer be able to obtain the Client Secret, so make sure to double check that you've copied these values in their entirety and pasted them somewhere they will not be deleted/lost.

Create an App Catalog Site Collection

You will need to create an App Catalog site collection to place your Emgage Prime 365 Apps in so that they are available for your users to add and use. Microsofts Use the App Catalog to make custom business apps available for your SharePoint Online environment article describes this simple process (see Step 1: Create an App Catalog site collection in Microsofts article).

Turn On Scripting Capabilities

Scripting capabilities are disabled by default for Personal sites, Self-service created sites, and the Root Site Collection of the Tenant. We need to enable them to allow the Emgage Prime App Parts to perform as intended. The instructions in Microsofts "Turn scripting capabilities on" article are confusing, so below we've provided much clearer steps below:

  1. Navigate to your Office365 environment and go to the the Office365 Admin Center

  2. Expand open the Admin branch and select SharePoint

  3. Select Settings

  4. Scroll down towards the bottom of the page and double-check that both options under the Custom Script heading are set to Allow

  5. Click OK. It takes about 24 hours for the change to take effect.


Congratulations! You've now completed all steps required to ensure a successful Prime 365 install.

Installation Day

Once Emgage receives the information requested above, we will build your apps and configure Azure to properly communicate with your Sharepoint Online tenancy. After building, we will send you a ZIP file containing the installation materials needed to perform the installation.

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