Package 23981 (Released 4/18/2016)

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This article contains the known issues, new features, enhancements, bug fixes and version numbers for all Emgage Products. Please read this article before committing to update the current version of your Emgage Products.  

Known Issues


Re-application of Site Theme for Alerts Widget Update

IMPORTANT: Perform the process discussed after updating the Emgage Products from a previous release to this version (23203).

In order to apply the changes we've made to the Alerts Widget, the theme that has been applied to your site using the Prime Stylizer needs to be applied once more. The options are either the Default theme or one of the Custom themes that have been previously created by users. The Prime Stylizer is located in the Site Settings page under the Emgage heading. For more information on the Prime Stylizer, please visit the Prime Stylizer article. 


New Features/Enhancements


Alerts Enhancement 
The Alerts Widget is better than ever with more display options and multiple alert settings. Please refer to our Alerts Enhancements article for more information on the new enhancements. 

Performance Logger Feature
The Performance Logger Feature is an implemented logging feature that troubleshoots runtime errors for Prime Web Parts and Widgets. Please refer to the Performance Logger Feature article for more information on this new feature.


Bug Fixes


My Links

Resolved an error message displayed my My Links when a space was added to the URL.

Alert Message User Error

Fixed an error message that displayed when a user entered group name in the Select Groups section of the Alerts Widget configuration settings.  


Asset Manager and Licensing Deactivation Error
Solved an error caused by the installer where the Asset Manager and Licensing features were not deactiveted when removing the solutions.

Additional bug fixes and stability improvements. 


Version Information 

Package #: 23981

Prime On-Premise Build: 1.3.14954.23202

Turbo Builder Build: 1.3.3290.23982

Turbo View Build: 1.1.22012.22013

Installer Build: 1.1.9868.22664

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