Prime 365 - December 2016 Release

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The latest Prime 365 Release is here!

For Emgage hosted clients, server side updates were pushed to Azure during the early morning hours on Monday 12/5/2016.

Client side updates are available for the Prime Look & Feel and Perks App Part and can be performed on your SharePoint Online Tenancy by following the instructions in this article:

What's New in this Version:

  • Resolved an issue where list items did not display properly on initial page load in IE
  • Improved how session timeouts are handled by all Emgage App Parts
  • Resolved an issue where the Calendar App Part did not show past events for the current month
  • Fixed various minor bugs in the Stylizer, News, Tasks, Weather, Facebook and Menu App Parts

Note to IE users on Windows 8/Windows Server 8

If you are using IE on Windows 8/Windows Server 8, please read the how to Enable Cookies for Prime 365 in IE support article.

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