Perform App Migration for Prime 365

Prashant Lakhlani -

Perform App migration to get following app parts working properly after Prime 365 upgrade.

  • Calendar
  • Tasks
  • Feedback
  • Menus
  • Footer

Steps to add an app in a site

  • Click on Gear Icon at the Top right corner of a page
  • Select Site Contents


  • Click on New and then App.

  • Look for an app Emgage | App Upgrade to add in your site and click on App Details.
  • Click on Trust It
  • Once the app is added in your site you will see it as shown below.

  • Once an app is added in a site. You can add it on a page.

Steps to add an app in a page

  • Click on Page tab and select Edit page


  • Click on Add a Web Part


  • Click on Apps and then select the "App Upgrade" app part to add on the page and then click Add.


  • Click on Save.


Steps to perform migration

  • After migration app is available on the page, click on Migrate button to start migration.1.png
  • In case something went wrong and migration did not run successfully it will show a message for each failed app part and each successful app part.


  • You may retry migration by clicking the Migrate button again. If migration fails again, please contact Emgage Support.
  • Once Migration is performed and completed successfully, then it will display messages for each app part, as shown below.


  • Perform following steps to see changes in each app part on each site collection after migration is completed successfully.
    • Calendar - click "Done" button in the calendar admin settings screen.
    • Tasks - click "Done" button in the tasks admin settings screen.
    • Feedback - click "Ok" button in "Configure Feedback" screen.
    • Menus - click "Refresh Cache" button in  "Configure Menu" screen.
    • Footer - click "Refresh Cache" button in "Configure Footer" screen.
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