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The Feedback App allows users to submit feedback, comments, and/or suggestions from any page within your environment.


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Requirements and Activation

To initialize the Feedback app, you'll need to create and configure a Feedback List.  This process is explained in the actions below.  

The Feedback app becomes available after the Prime master page has been selected in the Site settings > Master Page (Look and Feel section) and choose Prime for both the Site and System Master Pages.

Creating a Feedback List

Prior to using the Feedback widget, a Feedback List must be created to house your users feedback. The following steps walk though the process of creating a Feedback list:

  1. Navigate to Add an App on the root site of your site collection (Click the Settings Gear located in the SharePoint Ribbon and then click on Add an App).


  2. Find and Select the Emgage | Prime Feedback List template. In the dialog box which appears input a Name for your Feedback list (ex: Site Collection Name Feedback List) and click the Create button. This will create the Feedback list.


Configuring the Feedback Widget

Now we'll need to connect the Feedback Widget to the list created above. This can be configured as follows:

  1. Open the Feedback widget by selecting the Feedback button on the edge of the screen.

  2. Click the Admin Gear located in the bottom corner or click the here link in the Feedback app.


  3. Select the newly created Feedback List in the Feedback List drop down and input a Message you would like users to see after submitting feedback (ex. Thank you for your feedback!).


Adding/Updating Feedback Categories

Once the Feedback List has created, you have the ability to change/add category options. This is performed by changing the choice options in the Feedback list as follows:

  1. Navigate to Site Contents (Click the Settings Gear located in the SharePoint Ribbon and then click on Site Contents).


  2. Navigate to the Feedback List, select the Ellipsis (...), then select Settings


  3. Navigate to the Columns section and click the link to the Category column


  4. New category choices can be added by entering each choice on a separate line within the choice dialog box. Additionally, the default options can be modified/deleted if desired. When finished, click on OK to save your changes.


  5. The newly created choices will appear in as options in the Select a Category drop down box within the Feedback Widget.


Reviewing Feedback

Lastly, when feedback is submitted, it will be added to the Feedback list configured at the beginning of this article. Feedback submission will capture the Category, Feedback Details, page URL at the time of feedback submission, time of feedback submission, and the author of the feedback in the Feedback List.

Congratulations! The Feedback app is now configured!

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